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Is consumer deception considered art or fraud?

It is time to get rid of the negativity of "ads are not good or bad". The great giants of the world must heal and transform. But on the other hand, there are still bad seeds with a fraudulent mindset to abuse the values that attract the consumer.

We have heard, listened, and experienced dozens of brand stories that have wisely benefited from the gaps in the law and made a name for themselves. The cosmetic brand, which is not organic but has the word "organic" in its name, changed its name years later, but it has already become famous. 99% of its content contains chemicals, but brands that prey on the consumer with wordplay by adding 1% natural product and saying "containing 100% natural xx" are still sold on the shelves.

Being a conscious consumer and raising awareness should be the first step of recovery when today is in need of recovery. It is necessary to read well, understand well and learn to be the one who chooses without being a victim.

A behavior that we correct in ourselves will be corrected in us, if we correct, society will heal and delete the negative from our lives. Without wasting time waiting for recovery, we need to start a healing revolution in ourselves so that healing from head to toe is inevitable.

If we realize that not letting the hunter find the prey is the only solution, we will be free from deceivers, and we will live together with a pleasant business world integrated with good brands.

To the attention of individuals, brands are responsible for researching consumer behavior and finding the formula to get into their blood. The only graceful solution is to change consumer behavior with singular improvement and to invite brands to forced recovery.

Yasemin Sadıkoğlu
Keys Istanbul / Founder & CEO