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Attention to Instagram User Etiquette!

If we believe that we have been deceived in any way in our tendency to buy or experience the content of a news in the media, we can complain to RTÜK and defend our rights to the point that we even have the Editor-in-Chief of the media reporting the news in jail.

But how about when it comes to Instagram? Here is democracy and our own state, our metaverse dominated by our own rules.

Here everybody is the president, everybody is the media, everybody is the reporter. It is a platform where each profile creates its own magazine/newspaper/news, which can spread most effectively when requested.

This is the area where we learn to act with self-control of our own will. No observers, no principals, no lecture notes. The world in which one exists with their own filtering that one must internalize.

A virtual civilization that should disseminate news by researching, if it does not believe everything that is said in daily life and should not spread the truth of the information without researching it.

While the marketing concept "viral marketing", which emerged at the end of the 2000s, continues at full speed here, it is the field that can develop the pan poison of the virus and "infect goodness".

Moreover, the only responsibility here is not only the publishers. Those who follow him are also his supporters. It is entirely up to the user to leave the accounts with false content, negative effects unattended. As long as instead of shouting, the value of silence is appreciated in order to destroy the interaction.

Everyone expresses himself in different ways and heals. One cries, the other cries, the other is silent, some hides. Which is right and which is wrong. Who said right or wrong? Is the one who spreads the bad news right, who ignores the bad news and wants to keep anxiety away from the individual? A bottomless pit that cannot be answered.

Do we share every detail during the day, or every account has to share the agenda. Let everyone express themselves, let those who are happy stay tuned, let those who are uncomfortable avoid being followed... Let everyone have their own preferences. For the freedom of religion, language, race, gender, thought, let's first let the users free as individuals so that those we choose can leave us alone.

Instagram develops empathy, goodwill, respect, and self-confidence. As long as we believe and think well.

Yasemin Sadıkoğlu
Keys Istanbul / Founder & CEO