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Are You Establishing a New Brand? I ask: Are you okay?

The year is 2022, the season is autumn… What we went through without guessing. I say the word “unpredictable” because it was neither predictable nor otherwise, we would have been able to be satisfied with our existence…

For years, we have been listening to the cries of environmentalists saying, "we are exhausted" and those who live in the moment "carpe diem", but the urgency of the transformation that can occur quickly and with a slap introduced us to an uncertain virus...

We who live now, that is, the permanent youth, and the future us, have turned into a generation that says, "everything awaits, every situation is possible".

The only thing we know is that we are extremely tired of consuming too much. We want to chew the food we take into our body by feeling where it comes from, and we want to hug the clothes we wear knowing that it will not cause cancer to our body.

In the world of brands, transformation was assumed, big ones were already working on this subject for a long time, but now we are really exhausted from consuming. We have decreased, lost, hurt in the pandemic, but we have learned a lot, we are learning. We have experienced that the most valuable thing is our health, we felt that the most important is our family, we witnessed that the richest is peaceful. We were slowed down, we slowed down and we had the pleasure of not consuming, even if we had to.

Now, brand new enthusiastic entrepreneurs come to me with new brand dreams they want to establish. I always ask the same question to those who come: "Are you okay?"

The world's giant brands that have consumed have taken great strides to recover recently, and they continue to do so. The damage they have caused to nature so far, is now being tried to be erased with carbon footprint reduction operations. Today, all kinds of sustainability studies carried out by brands by spending large sums of money are considered as the most valuable investment made to survive in the future.

New generation consumer fully seen, tasted everything, lived… Not many, but the minds of none of them meet in common values. Everyone in the adventure of originality and naturalness. Everyone who wants to feel unique among the busy crowd is one step closer to their dreams when they prefer the unique ones. Nobody is after addiction; I ask again on behalf of the masses who see that excess of everything is harmful… If you are going to establish a brand-new brand for this world now; "are you okay?"

How can a brand that does not contain goodness in its brand promise and is not built on improvement values exist in this world? Every day, a new organic, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan… healthy brand comes out in the markets. A new natural food supplement takes its place on the pharmacy shelves every day.

Clothing brands tend to be recycled, vegan. If you come and tell me the story that you will sell a lot and make money, I will tell you first, first determine your emotion. Don't think about money. I can't say that you would believe that you would become a brand with an idea that has no improvement value...

It was 10 years ago that we admired a shoe donation campaign by TOMS. Now this story is repeated, it becomes commonplace; Our environment is teeming with nonprofit social enterprise brands. Many brand founders look to businesses focused on the right and quality product with little profit for the dream, the truth and the naturalness they seek.

That's why only healing brands and brand values are growing on our roof. If you come, you can come to improve.

Yasemin Sadıkoğlu
Keys Istanbul / Founder & CEO